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Table of Contents

1. Introducing yFiles FLEX
yFiles FLEX Library
Where to Find Things in yFiles FLEX
2. Displaying and Editing Graphs
Model-View-Controller Paradigm
Graph Structure
Look-up Support
Class DefaultGraph
Look-up Support
Working with DefaultGraph
Visual Representation of Graph Elements
Node Styles
Edge Styles
Port Styles
Label Styles
Working with Styles
Creating Custom Styles
Style Renderers
Node Style Renderers
Edge Style Renderers
Port Style Renderers
Label Style Renderers
Port Support
Port Location Model Parameter
Label Support
Label Model Parameter
Node Label Models
Edge Label Models
Generic Label Model
Styles-related Features
Rendering-related Features
Layer Policies
Z-Order Indices
View Implementations
Class GraphCanvasComponent
General Features
Scene Graph Addendum
Application-level Features
Class CanvasComponent
General Features
World and View Coordinates
Application-level Features
Scene Graph and Canvas Objects
Class GraphOverviewComponent
User Interaction
Class GraphEditorInputMode
General Features
Customizing GraphEditorInputMode Interaction Functionality
Support for Orthogonal Edge Paths
Support for Interactive Snapping of Graph Elements
Class MainInputMode
Other Input Modes
Class MoveViewportInputMode
Creating Custom Context Menus
Customizing Input Modes
Customizing User Interaction Behavior
Customizing Edge Creation using Port Candidates
Creating a custom IPortCandidateProvider
Tabular Data Presentation
Table Model
Working with the Table Model
Visual Representation
Rows and Columns
User Interaction
Interaction Customization
Automatic Layout
3. Graph Hierarchies
Working with Graph Hierarchies
Folding Characteristics
Folding-related State Across Views
Managing Graph Hierarchies
Grouping Support in DefaultGraph
Class GroupedGraph
Look-up Modifications
Interface INodeHierarchy
Related Classes
Class FoldingManager
Look-up Modifications
Interface IFoldedGraph
Converters and Callbacks
Visual Representation of Graph Elements
View Implementations
Class HierarchyTreeView
User Interaction
Class GraphEditorInputMode
Class NavigationInputMode
4. Input and Output
GraphML Extensions of yFiles Products
Working with the GraphML File Format
GraphML Compatibility Modes
GraphML Default Extension Mechanism
Customizing the GraphML Extension Mechanism
Customizing the yFiles FLEX I/O Support
Using Simple Data Types
Support for Structured Data
Support for Custom Serializers and Deserializers
General Serializer and Deserializer Concepts
Reading and Writing Custom Styles
Reflection Based Serialization
Server Side Reflection Based Serializer and Deserializer
Optimizing GraphML I/O
Transferring Only Structural and Layout Information
Enabling Client-Side Compression
Enabling HTTP Compression
Using CanvasComponent's Printing Support
Advanced Printing using CanvasPrinter
Customized Printing using Flex printing support
File Handling
Class SaveHandler
Configuring SaveHandler
Subclassing SaveHandler
Class LoadHandler
Configuring LoadHandler
Class ImageSaveHandler
Class ExportOptions
Subclassing ImageSaveHandler
5. Communicating with the Server
Remote Communication in yFiles FLEX
Remote API
Class RoundtripHandler
Customizing Graph Serialization
Customizing Graph Deserialization and Update
Support for folded graphs
Transfer of additional data
Handling IDs with the RoundtripHandler
Custom Error Handling
Encoding GraphML Data
Subclassing RoundtripHandler
Using RoundtripHandler
Class DownloadHandler
Configuring DownloadHandler
Subclassing DownloadHandler
Class UploadHandler
Configuring UploadHandler
Class ImageExportHandler
6. Using yFiles FLEX with a yFiles Server
Communicating with yFiles Java on the Server
Using the yFiles FLEX Native GraphML Extension with a yFiles for Java Server
Using the yFiles for Java GraphML Extension with yFiles FLEX
Communicating with yFiles.NET on the Server
Handling Fonts
Client side
Server side
7. yFiles FLEX Java Server API
yFiles FLEX Java Server API Packages
Roundtrip Support Classes
Class GraphRoundtripSupport
Handling IDs with the roundtrip support classes
Sending Error Messages
Subclasing class GraphRoundtripSupport
Label support
Other roundtrip support classes
Class Graph2DRoundtripSupport
Class GraphRoundtripSupportBase and class Graph2DRoundtripSupportBase
Class LoadGraphServlet
Class SaveGraphServlet
Class DownloadServlet
Class UploadServlet
Class ExportServlet
Manipulating yFiles FLEX Styles, Labels, and Label Models
Reading and writing custom styles and label models on the server
Registering custom serializers and deserializers
Reflection Based Serialization
Class StyledLayoutGraph
Class FlexIOTools
Working with Labels on the Server
Label Layout
Adding Labels
Working with Graph Hierarchies on a yFiles Java Server
Different View States for Open and Closed Groups
Automatic Layout
Tutorial Demo Code
8. yFiles FLEX .NET Server API
yFiles FLEX .NET Server API Namespaces
Class GraphRoundtripSupport
Reading a Graph with GraphRoundtripSupport
Sending a Graph with GraphRoundtripSupport
Folding support
Handling IDs with GraphRoundtripSupport
Adding Custom Attributes
Customizing (De)Serialization
Sending Error Messages
XML Styles
Reflection Based Serialization
HTTP Handlers
Class LoadGraphHandler
Class SaveGraphHandler
Class DownloadHandler
Class UploadHandler
Class ExportHandler
9. Architectural Concepts
Look-up Mechanism
Look-up Chaining
Customizing Look-up Behavior
Binding Data to Graph Elements
Mapping Data to Graph Elements
User Tags
Client-Server Communication and User Tags
A. Obfuscation
Why Obfuscation Matters
Name Obfuscation and its Benefits