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This package contains types that handle the parsing of GraphML files.


Interface Summary
CreationPropertyKeys Defines common key constants to identify important CreationProperties.
DeserializationHandler Event listener interface for DeserializationEvents.
DeserializationProperties Constant class for common deserialization properties.
GraphElementFactory This is the interface for a factory that is used for creating the constituents of an Graph that are encountered during the parsing of GraphMLParser
GraphElementIdAcceptor Interface for classes that can store the GraphML id attribute of GraphML core elements
GraphElementResolver Interface for classes that can resolve graph elements based on their GraphML id attribute(s).
GraphMLParseContext Interface that defines the context of a GraphML parsing context.
InputHandler Interface for handlers for graphml data attributes.
InputHandlerProvider Event listener interface for QueryInputHandlersEvents.
ParseEventHandler The interface of the event listener registration class that is used by the GraphMLParseContext.getParseEvents() property.
ParseEventListener Event listener for the ParseEvent.

Class Summary
AbstractDataAcceptorInputHandler An abstract DataAcceptor-based implementation of InputHandler.
AbstractDeserializer Convenience base class for implementations of DeserializationEvent
AbstractInputHandler An abstract convenience implementation of the InputHandler interface.
ChildParseContext An implementation of GraphMLParseContext that delegates most calls to a ChildParseContext.getParentContext(), but adds the capability to locally add lookup results and deserialization properties.
ComplexDataAcceptorInputHandler An InputHandler implementation that uses an DataAcceptor instance to associate the values with the keys.
CreationProperties Simple tagging subclass of HashMap.
DefaultGraphElementFactory The basic implementation of the GraphElementFactory interface for use with the default Graphs.
DeserializationEvent The event arguments used by DeserializationHandler implementations to let registered deserialization code perform the deserialization.
GraphMLParser Core parser class for GraphML.
NameBasedDeserializer Convenience base class for implementations of AbstractDeserializer that uses the fully qualified name of the source node for the predicate.
ParseEvent This is the event argument that is used by the ParseEventListener interface that can be queried from the GraphMLParseContext.getParseEvents() property.
ParseEventListenerAdapter Stub implementation class for interface ParseEventListener that implements all methods with no-op implementations.
ParsePrecedence This enumeration defines the valid priorities for InputHandler processing.
QueryInputHandlersEvent Specialized EventObject that is used for dynamic InputHandler registration.
XPathUtils Static utility class that implements some commonly needed XML queries.

Exception Summary
DeserializationNotSupportedException Exception that will be thrown by the GraphMLParseContext.deserialize(GraphMLParseContext,org.w3c.dom.Node,Class) method and the like to indicate that the deserializtion failed.
GraphMLParseException This exception is thrown when the parser encounters an error.

Package Description

This package contains types that handle the parsing of GraphML files.
Important interfaces and classes of this package are:


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