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Interface InputHandlerProvider

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public interface InputHandlerProvider
extends java.util.EventListener

Event listener interface for QueryInputHandlersEvents.

Implementing this interface allows to dynamically register InputHandler implementations in response to a GraphML key definition.

Implementations can be registered with GraphMLHandler.addInputHandlerProvider(InputHandlerProvider) or GraphMLParser.addInputHandlerProvider(InputHandlerProvider) or (preferably) with the various DataAcceptor based convenience methods on GraphMLHandler that create the input handler automatically.


Method Summary
 void onQueryInputHandler(QueryInputHandlersEvent event)
          Callback method to handle event.

Method Detail


void onQueryInputHandler(QueryInputHandlersEvent event)
                         throws GraphMLParseException
Callback method to handle event.

If this callback wants to register an InputHandler in response to QueryInputHandlersEvent.getKeyDefinition(), it should register the handler with QueryInputHandlersEvent.addInputHandler(InputHandler).

event - Event that contains all data relevant for handler setup.

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