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Package y.layout.seriesparallel

Provides the series-parallel layout algorithm.


Interface Summary
PortAssignment A PortAssignment is used by SeriesParallelLayouter for determining the locations of the edges' ports at their incident nodes.

Class Summary
DefaultOutEdgeComparator DefaultOutEdgeComparator is the default implementation for the out-edge comparator used in SeriesParallelLayouter.
DefaultPortAssignment DefaultPortAssignment implements the default port assignment strategy.
EdgeLayoutDescriptor An EdgeLayoutDescriptor provides routing details for an edge that are considered by SeriesParallelLayouter.
SeriesParallelLayouter This layout algorithm arranges series-parallel graphs.

Package y.layout.seriesparallel Description

Provides the series-parallel layout algorithm. It can be applied to series-parallel graphs and produces similar results as the hierarchical layout style but without considering global layers.

Series-parallel graphs are directed graphs with a single source (node without incoming edges) and a single sink (node without outgoing edges) that are built using only the following two rules:

  1. Series composition: The source of a subgraph is merged with the sink of a second subgraph.
  2. Parallel composition: The sources and sinks of two subgraphs are merged.

The layout algorithm is contained in SeriesParallelLayouter.

Example graphs

Series-parallel graph

Grouped series-parallel graph

Related Documentation

See the yFiles Developer's Guide section on Series-parallel Layout Style for a description of the series-parallel layout algorithm.


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