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Package y.layout.router

Provides classes for automatic routing of the edges in a graph.


Class Summary
BusDescriptor A descriptor for bus-related information to be associated with an edge.
BusRepresentations This class provides helper methods to convert between buses given by complete subgraphs and buses represented by specific hub nodes.
BusRouter An edge routing algorithm which routes edges of a graph in an orthogonal bus-style.
ChannelEdgeRouter This edge routing algorithm generates orthogonal routes for the edges of the graph.
ChannelEdgeRouter.OrthogonalShortestPathPathFinder This routing algorithm is a special version of class OrthogonalEdgeRouter that can be used as a path finding strategy for the ChannelEdgeRouter.
ChannelRouter This routing algorithm applies orthogonal routes to the edges within a channel.
CollinearBendHider CollinearBendHider temporarily hides collinear bends on edge paths.
CurveEdgeLayoutDescriptor This class is used by CurveRoutingStage to provide routing details for the edges of the graph.
CurveRoutingStage CurveRoutingStage replaces polyline edge paths with curved segments using cubic bezier splines.
EdgeBundlingStage A LayoutStage that bundles the edges of general undirected graphs to avoid visual cluttering.
EdgeGroupRouterStage EdgeGroupRouterStage adds support for a bus-like routing style for OrthogonalEdgeRouter.
GroupNodeRouterStage GroupNodeRouterStage adds support for hierarchically grouped graphs to OrthogonalEdgeRouter.
OrganicEdgeRouter This edge routing algorithm applies organic routes to the edges of the graph.
OrthogonalEdgeRouter This edge routing algorithm generates orthogonal routes for the edges of the graph.
OrthogonalPatternEdgeRouter OrthogonalPatternEdgeRouter routes edges orthogonally such that the resulting layout of the edges consists only of vertical and horizontal segments.
OrthogonalSegmentDistributionStage OrthogonalSegmentDistributionStage distributes overlapping edge segments of orthogonally routed edges.
PartitionGridRouterStage PartitionGridRouterStage adds support for PartitionGrid to OrthogonalEdgeRouter.
PatchRouterStage PatchRouterStage optimizes the performance of OrthogonalEdgeRouter.
ReducedSphereOfActionStage ReducedSphereOfActionStage optimizes the performance of OrthogonalEdgeRouter when the scope is constrained to a subset of edges.
SnapOuterPortsToNodeBorderStage SnapOuterPortsToNodeBorderStage moves edge ports that are outside the corresponding area of the nodes to their border.
StraightLineEdgeRouter This edge routing algorithm routes edges as straight-lines considering the specified PortConstraints.

Package y.layout.router Description

Provides classes for automatic routing of the edges in a graph.

Automatic edge routing algorithms will only find suitable paths for the edges. They will not affect the nodes in the graph.

The following implementations apply different styles of paths to the edges.

Example Graphs

Edges are routed using OrthogonalEdgeRouter

Edges are routed using BusRouter

Edges are routed using OrganicEdgeRouter

Edges are routed using StraightLineEdgeRouter

Related Documentation

See the yFiles Developer's Guide section on Edge Routing Algorithms for descriptions of the yFiles edge routing algorithms.


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