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Provides classes for reading and writing a Graph2D object from/to diverse file formats.


Interface Summary
YGFIOHandler.DataHandler Implementations of this interface can be added to this IOHandler in order to read and write additional data for graphs, nodes and edges.

Class Summary
GIFIOHandler Writes a Graph2D in GIF image format.
GMLIOHandler Read and write a Graph2D in Graph Modeling Language (GML).
GraphMLIOHandler Read and write a Graph2D in GraphML format.
ImageIoOutputHandler This class serves as an adapter to the javax.imageio API which is available in J2RE version 1.4 and later.
ImageMapOutputHandler A simple write-only IOHandler that produces a HTML image map.
ImageOutputHandler Abstract base class for IOHandlers that produce image based output formats.
IOHandler Abstract IO handler class.
JPGIOHandler Writes a Graph2D in JPG image format.
LinkInfo A simple String-based attribute model for hyperlinks.
LinkMap A simple named map for key-value-pairs.
SuffixFileFilter A file filter that accepts file names with a specific suffix.
TGFIOHandler Reads and Writes a Graph2D in a trivial graph format (TGF).
TiledImageOutputHandler This output handler is responsible for exporting a diagram to multiple image tiles that make up a complete image.
ViewPortConfigurator Convenience class that helps configuring the viewport as it is used by ImageOutputHandler and other classes.
XGMLIOHandler This class is closely related to GMLIOHandler, it produces structurally the same output as GMLIOHandler but uses well formed xml for the actual writing and reading.
XmlXslIOHandler IOHandler that is able to read arbitrary XML files.
YGFIOHandler Deprecated. Use the GraphML format instead.
ZipGraphMLIOHandler IOHandler for (de)serializing graphs from/to Zip-compressed GraphML format.

Exception Summary
BadVersionException A BadVersionException is thrown upon deserializing graphs from YGF format for elements whose associated serialization version is not supported by the corresponding read(ObjectInputStream) method.

Package Description

Provides classes for reading and writing a Graph2D object from/to diverse file formats.

Supported file formats cover various graph exchange and graph export formats, like, e.g., JPG and GIF for bitmap image export, and GML for text-based graph exchange.

Related Documentation

See the yFiles Developer's Guide chapter on Input and Output for descriptions of the supported graph exchange and graph export file formats.


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