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This package contains types that handle the writing of GraphML files.


Interface Summary
GraphElementIdProvider Interface for classes that provide custom id's for core graphml elements
GraphMLWriteContext Interface that defines the context of a GraphML writing context.
HierarchySupport Helper interface to determine additional data that are necessary to correctly write hierarchically (nested) graphs.
OutputHandler The interface used by the GraphMLHandler for writing data attributes to the GraphML.
OutputHandlerProvider Event listener interface for QueryOutputHandlersEvents.
PortProvider Helper interface that allows to retrieve port objects for GraphML dialects that actually support port elements.
SerializationHandler Event listener interface for SerializationEvents.
SerializationProperties Constant class for common serialization properties.
WriteEventHandler The interface of the event trigger class that is used by the GraphMLWriteContext.getWriteEvents() property.
WriteEventListener Event listener for the WriteEvent.
XmlNamespaceManager Helper interface to facilitate namespace handling together with XmlWriter instances.
XmlWriter Abstraction of XML output classes that provide a consistent way to write XML elements to some output.

Class Summary
AbstractDataProviderOutputHandler An abstract implementation of the AbstractOutputHandler class that uses an DataProvider to retrieve the values to output for each item.
AbstractOutputHandler Convenience abstract base implementation of the OutputHandler interface.
AbstractSerializer Convenience base class for implementations of SerializationHandler
AbstractXmlWriter Abstract implementation of XmlWriter.
ChildWriteContext An GraphMLWriteContext implementation for use in the context of GraphMLWriter that wraps a given instance and delegates most of the calls to it but allows for modifying ChildWriteContext.setLookup(Class,Object) and ChildWriteContext.setSerializationProperty(Object,Object).
ComplexDataProviderOutputHandler An implementation of the AbstractOutputHandler class, that can use a ComplexDataProviderOutputHandler.getSerializer() callback for the serialization or delegate to one of GraphMLWriteContext's serialize callbacks.
DefaultGraphElementIdProvider Default implementation of GraphElementIdProvider that provides canonical ids for graphml elements.
DomXmlWriter Implementation of interface XmlWriter that used a DOM tree internally to build the serialized graphml representation.
GraphMLWriter Writer class for GraphML.
GraphMLXmlAttribute A class for use in the OutputHandler interface that encapsulates an XML attribute.
QueryOutputHandlersEvent Event argument implementation that is used by the GraphMLHandler.fireQueryOutputHandlersEvent(QueryOutputHandlersEvent) event.
QueryOutputHandlersEvent.HandlerStruct Helper class that represents an OutputHandler that is bound to a certain scope.
SerializationEvent The event arguments used by SerializationHandlers to let registered serialization code perform the serialization of items.
TypeBasedSerializer Convenience base class for implementations of AbstractSerializer that uses type information for the predicate.
WriteEvent This is the event argument that is used by the WriteEventListener interface that can be queried from the GraphMLWriteContext.getWriteEvents() property.
WriteEventListenerAdapter Stub implementation class for interface WriteEventListener that implements all methods with no-op implementations.
WritePrecedence Enumeration values to control the order in which OutputHandler instances are used.

Exception Summary
GraphMLWriteException This exception is thrown when the writer encounters an error.
SerializationNotSupportedException Exception that will be thrown by GraphMLWriteContext's serialize methods and the like to indicate that the serialization failed.

Package Description

This package contains types that handle the writing of GraphML files.
Important interfaces and classes of this package are:


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