Settings to configure how the graph is exported.


Gets or sets the background color for the exported SVG. CSS color values are supported. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/color_value
Gets or sets the bounds of the content to export in world coordinates. The default behavior is to use bounds to encompass the whole diagram.
x: number
y: number
width: number
height: number
Gets or sets a value indicating whether all external images should be inlined and encoded as Base64 data URIs. Note that this feature is not applicable when loading images from cross-origin sources. The default is true.
Gets or sets the margins for the exported image. The margins are added to the content. This means that an image with non-zero margins is larger than the export area even if the scale is 1.0. The margins are not scaled. They are interpreted to be in units (pixels for bitmaps) for the resulting image. The default is an empty margin.
top: number
right: number
bottom: number
left: number
Gets or sets the scale for the export. A scale of 1 preserves the original size, a scale of 0.5 results in a target image with half the original size and so on. This value has to be strictly greater than 0 and finite. Its default value is 1.0
Gets or sets the zoom property to use during the creation of the visualization. In contrast to the scale property, which works on the output graphics, this property determines what zoom value is to be assumed on the canvas when creating the visual. This can affect the rendering of zoom-dependent visuals, especially level-of-detail rendering. This value has to be strictly greater than 0. Its default value is 1.0