Interface ActionHandler

public interface ActionHandler

This is the interface to be implemented by custom actions.

Note: Implementations are expected to have a public no-arguments constructor.

Method Summary
 void handleAction(ActionContext context, ClientControl control)
          custom action handlers are called using this method.

Method Detail


public void handleAction(ActionContext context,
                         ClientControl control)
custom action handlers are called using this method. The control is initialized from the context where applicable, when it is passed to the action handler, e.g. if the context contains a set of nodes a copy of the set is part of the control. The action handler can supersede these settings. It can for example switch off the update of the client side hit test, even if it is requested from the client side, if this is not necessary, since the action did not change the graph.

context - contains the client side context for the action
control - provides facilities for controlling the client side post-processing

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