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Chapter 12. yExport Extension Package

Table of Contents

Vector Graphics File Formats
Using the yExport Extension Package
Using the System Clipboard

The yFiles extension package yExport adds support for popular vector graphics file formats to the yFiles graph visualization library. Additionally, it also allows to use the system clipboard to transfer a graph's representation between applications.

Vector Graphics File Formats

yExport enables convenient export of the contents of a Graph2DView to a number of vector graphics file formats. Table 12.1, “Vector graphics export file formats” lists the available output formats to save the visual representations for nodes and edges as well as any other graphical decorations visible.

Table 12.1. Vector graphics export file formats

File Name Extension Format Name Description
pdf Portable Document Format Desktop publishing file format for representing documents in a device independent and display resolution independent way.
swf Shockwave Flash Vector graphics file format for publishing multimedia contents on the Web.
emf Windows Enhanced Metafile Vector graphics file format on Microsoft Windows systems.
eps Encapsulated PostScript PostScript document with additional restrictions that describes an image or drawing.