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Package y.anim

Provides core classes and interfaces for a general animation framework.


Interface Summary
AnimationListener A listener for animation events.
AnimationObject A general interface for objects that perform a sequence of animation steps.
CompositeAnimationObject Specifies the contract of composite animation objects.

Class Summary
AnimationEvent An event that is is used for the communication between an animation object or player and an animation listener.
AnimationFactory Factory class that provides methods to create meta animations.
AnimationPlayer An animation player that interprets a given animation object.

Package y.anim Description

Provides core classes and interfaces for a general animation framework.

Class AnimationPlayer governs an actual animation process. It "plays" the animation generated by a given AnimationObject implementation, and notifies registered AnimationListeners so that they can update their associated views.

Factory class AnimationFactory allows to build CompositeAnimationObject where the contained animations can be "played" concurrently, sequentially, or repeatedly.

Related Classes

Factory class ViewAnimationFactory provides high-quality animations and visual effects for node realizers, edge realizers, but also drawables.

Related Documentation

See the yFiles Developer's Guide section Animations for Graph Elements for a detailed discussion of the animation framework's capabilities.


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