Package com.yworks.yfiles.bpmn.view

Provides classes for viewing and editing Business Process Model and Notation diagrams.


Interface Summary
BpmnIconPainter Specifies the general contract for rendering BPMN icons in BPMN nodes.
EventPortConfiguration.EventProvider Provides the node realizer that has to be used as visual representation of node ports that use EventPortConfiguration.

Class Summary
AbstractBpmnPainter Base class for BPMN painter/contains test implementations.
ActivityTypeEnum Type-safe enumeration for BPMN activity types.
BpmnActivityPainter Painter implementation for activity nodes.
BpmnArtifactPainter Painter implementation for artifact nodes.
BpmnChoreographyMinimumSizeProvider Restricts the minimum size of a choreography node such that the node encompasses all of its choreography labels.
BpmnChoreographyPainter Painter implementation for choreography nodes.
BpmnConnectionPainter Painter implementation for BPN connections that support bridge rendering.
BpmnConversationPainter Painter implementation for conversation nodes.
BpmnEventPainter Painter implementation for event nodes.
BpmnGatewayPainter Painter implementation for gateway nodes.
BpmnIcon Displays BPMN data object type icons, marker icons, or task type icons.
BpmnIcon.Handler Provides GraphML (de-)serialization support for BpmnIcon.
BpmnIconDecorator Decorates an AbstractBpmnPainter to paint an icon on its shape.
BpmnLayoutConfigurator Convenience class that prepares BPMN information provided by realizers created by BpmnRealizerFactory for assignment of layout information calculated by BpmnLayouter.
BpmnMarkerDecorator Decorates an AbstractBpmnPainter instance to paint marker icons on the bottom center of its shape.
BpmnPalette A component that represents a palette of BPMN nodes or edges and allows to drag them into a Graph2DView.
BpmnPropertyPanel An editor component for properties of BPMN elements.
BpmnRealizerFactory This is a factory for elements conforming to the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN).
BpmnTaskTypeDecorator Decorates an BpmnActivityPainter instance to paint task type icons on the upper left corner of its shape.
BpmnTypeEnum Type-safe enumeration for BPMN node and edge types.
BpmnView A component that visualizes BPMN diagrams.
ChoreographyLabelModel Label model for BPMN choreography nodes.
ChoreographyLabelModel.Handler Handles serialization and deserialization of the model and its parameter.
ChoreographyLabelPainter Painter for the labels of the choreography nodes.
ChoreographyLabelUtils Helper methods for choreography node label handling.
ChoreographyTypeEnum Type-safe enumeration for BPMN choreography types.
CompositeMinimumSizeProvider Restricts the minimum size of nodes by adding up minimum sizes from multiple GenericNodeRealizer.GenericSizeConstraintProvider implementations.
ConversationTypeEnum Type-safe enumeration for BPMN conversation types.
DataObjectTypeEnum Type-safe enumeration for data object types.
EventCharEnum Type-safe enumeration for BPMN event characteristics.
EventPortConfiguration An adapter class that allows existing NodeRealizer implementations to be used for NodePort visualization.
EventPortConfiguration.UserDataEventProvider EventProvider that retrieves the visual representation of a node port from the port's user data.
EventPortSupport Helper class for event port creation.
MarkerTypeEnum Type-safe enumeration for BPMN markers.
PoolPainters GenericNodeRealizer.Painter implementations for BPMN pools.
PoolPainters.LaneBackgroundPoolPainter Painter implementation to draw the background of BPMN pool nodes.
PoolPainters.LaneForegroundPoolPainter Painter implementation to draw the foreground of BPMN pool nodes.
PoolPainters.LaneHeaderPoolPainter Painter implementation to draw the lane header of BPMN pool nodes.
TaskTypeEnum Type-safe enumeration for BPMN task types.

Package com.yworks.yfiles.bpmn.view Description

Provides classes for viewing and editing Business Process Model and Notation diagrams.

Visualizations for well-known Business Process Model and Notation diagram elements are provided as dedicated GenericNodeRealizer.Painter / GenericNodeRealizer.ContainsTest implementations. Class BpmnRealizerFactory allows for convenient creation of properly configured realizers for nodes and edges using said implementations.


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