The yFiles React Process Mining Component

Process mining is a technique that involves extracting insights from event logs to understand and improve business processes. By analyzing event data, process mining techniques reveal the actual flow of processes, identify bottlenecks, deviations, and opportunities for improvement.

The yFiles React Process Mining Component uses the yFiles library in order to extract interactive process mining diagrams from event-logs and load them into your React applications. This enhances the user experience and facilitates an intuitive exploration of complex processes.

Instead of being a precise reflection of the given event log, the graph is extracted from it. This involves identifying process steps from the activities linked to the events. A transition connects two steps when consecutive events with the same case ID occur at those steps. The frequency of events occurring at each process step or transition is gathered and accessible through the associated HeatData.
Furthermore, as the event log chronicles a process unfolding over time, the process mining component grants access to snapshots at specific timestamps.

Refer to the Getting Started section to learn how to effortlessly integrate a process mining diagram with our data into your React application.