yFiles for Silverlight Tutorials Overview

The yFiles for Silverlight tutorials are extensive Visual Studio projects with full C# source code that present the functionality of the yFiles for Silverlight diagramming library. All tutorials can be found in subdirectories of the current directory. All tutorial steps are self-contained, i.e., they consist of a single Visual Studio project.

Running a Tutorial Step

To open a specific tutorial step, the corresponding Visual Studio project file (usually named [tutorial step].csproj) can be found in the tutorial's directory, which also uses the [tutorial step] naming scheme.

Available Tutorials

Category Description
01 Getting Started This tutorial shows you both basic concepts and also how to build a diagramming application that supports custom styles, full user interaction, Undo/Redo, clipboard, I/O, grouping and folding.
02 Custom Styles This tutorial is a step-by-step introduction to customizing the visual representation of graph elements. It is intended for for advanced users that want to learn how to create custom styles from scratch.