An IInputMode implementation for use in a GraphControl to assign to the InputMode property.

Namespace: yWorks.yFiles.UI.Input
Assembly: yWorks.yFilesSilverlight.Viewer (in yWorks.yFilesSilverlight.Viewer.dll) Version:


public class GraphViewerInputMode : MultiplexingInputMode
Visual Basic
Public Class GraphViewerInputMode _ Inherits MultiplexingInputMode


This mode can be used in a viewer-centric application where there is no need to modify the IGraph but browsing of the graph should be convenient. This mode allows for clicking on items using the mouse, displaying tool tips for items, showing a context menu, allowing for easy navigation and traversal, moving the view port, and optionally doing marquee selection.. Also ItemHoverInputMode can be used to get notified of the elements that the mouse is hovering over.

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