A simple implementation of the IEdgeSegmentControlEdgeStyle interface that can render complex ContentControls for the visualization of IEdges.

Namespace: yWorks.yFiles.UI.Drawing
Assembly: yWorks.yFilesSilverlight.Viewer (in yWorks.yFilesSilverlight.Viewer.dll) Version:


Visual Basic
Public Class EdgeSegmentControlEdgeStyle _ Inherits ControlStyleBase(Of IEdge) _ Implements IEdgeSegmentControlEdgeStyle, ITaggedStyleBase(Of IEdge), _ IEdgeStyle, IVisualStyle(Of IEdge), IModelItemInstaller(Of IEdge), _ ICloneable


The StyleResourceKey is used to determine the Style that will be applied to the EdgeSegmentControl. The style will be looked-up using the TryFindResource(Control, Object) method for the CanvasControl the style is used in.

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Inheritance Hierarchy

  yWorks.yFiles.UI.Drawing..::..ControlStyleBase<(Of <(<'IEdge>)>)>

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