Layering strategy specifier.

Namespace: yWorks.yFiles.Layout.Hierarchic
Assembly: yWorks.yFilesSilverlight.Algorithms (in yWorks.yFilesSilverlight.Algorithms.dll) Version:


public enum LayeringStrategy
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration LayeringStrategy


Member nameValueDescription
HierarchicalTopmost0 Layering strategy specifier. A simple hierarchical layering variant. All nodes with indegree zero will be assigned to the topmost layer of the layout. The number of separate layers will be as small as possible.
HierarchicalOptimal1 Layering strategy specifier. An optimal hierarchical layering strategy. The layer distance of an edge is the absolute difference between the layer numbers of its source and target node. Layer assignment will be done in such a way that the overall sum of the layer distances of all edges in the layout is minimal.
HierarchicalTightTree2 Layering strategy specifier. A heuristic that approximates the ranking done by HierarchicalOptimal .
HierarchicalDownshift3 Layering strategy specifier. A fast heuristic that improves the the ranking done by HierarchicalTopmost by down shifting some nodes in the layering. The quality is usually worse than the one produced by Tight Tree Heuristic.
Bfs4 Layering strategy specifier. Layering based on a breadth first search (bfs). All edges will span at most one layer in the resulting drawing. Edges between nodes that belong to the same layer are possible. The nodes that will be placed in the first layer can be provided by a data provider bound to the input graph using the key CoreNodesDpKey . If this data provider is not given, then nodes that have no incoming edges are placed in the first layer.
FromSketch5 Layering strategy specifier. A layer assignment strategy that uses the initial y-coordinates of the nodes (x-coordinates when the layout orientation is horizontal) to determine a node layering. It tries to find a layering that is similar to the one in the input graph. When this layering strategy is used, the layouter may place nodes in the same layer, even though they are connected by an edge. These inner layer edges are always routed in an orthogonal style.
UserDefined6 Layering strategy specifier. The ranks of the nodes will be given by the user. The node ranks must be provided by a data provider bound to the input graph using the key LayerIdDpKey . Like FromSketch this layering allows inner layer edges.
Unknown-1 Dummy layering strategy specifier. Returned by LayeringStrategy if the current strategy is not known.

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