Determines the type of the reference being queried.

Namespace: yWorks.yFiles.GraphML.References
Assembly: yWorks.yFilesSilverlight.Viewer (in yWorks.yFilesSilverlight.Viewer.dll) Version:


[DefaultValueAttribute(GraphMLReferenceType.External)] public GraphMLReferenceType ReferenceType { get; set; }
Visual Basic
<DefaultValueAttribute(GraphMLReferenceType.External)> _ Public Property ReferenceType As GraphMLReferenceType Get Set


Setting this property automatically sets Handled to trueTruetruetrue (True in Visual Basic). By default this property is External so Values that are given a ReferenceId are treated as external references that are not serialized to the GraphML. Setting this property to Internal and specifying a ReferenceId will make the reference mechanism use the provided reference but will cause it to serialize the value to the GraphML, nevertheless.

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