Concrete port location model implementations.


Public classAnchoredPortLocationModel
A simple implementation of the IPortLocationModel that uses simple PointD and IPoint implementations to anchor ports in the world coordinate system.
Public classBendAnchoredPortLocationModel
An implementation of the IPortLocationModel that can create IPortLocationModelParameters that describe the location of ports that are attached to the bends of IEdges.
Public classGenericPortLocationModel
An implementation of IPortLocationModel that can be used to create custom port location models out of existing IPortLocationModelParameter instances.
Public classNodeScaledPortLocationModel
A straightforward implementation of an IPortLocationModel for IPorts at INodes that determine the location dynamically using the Layout.
Public classSegmentRatioPortLocationModel
A port location model that places the port on a certain edge segment at a specified ratio.


This CLR namespace is mapped to the XAML namespace YfilesForSilverlightXamlNS