Provides organic layout style algorithms that are based on the force-directed layout paradigm.


Public classGRIP
This class implements a variant of the GRIP algorithm by P Gajer and SG Kobourov: "Graph Drawing with Intelligent Placement".
Public classGroupedShuffleLayouter
This class uses a customizable shuffle layout algorithm to recursively remove node overlaps from grouped graph structures.
Public classInteractiveOrganicLayouter
The InteractiveOrganicLayouter is a special organic layouter that offers functionality to change the laid out graph while the layouter is running.
Public classOrganicLayouter
A graph layout algorithm that is based on a force directed model.
Public classOrganicPartitionGridLayoutStage
Layout stage that is used for handling a given partition grid structure that is attached to a graph with DataProvider PartitionGridDpKey .
Public classOrganicRemoveOverlapsStage
This LayoutStage removes node overlaps considering the specified minimal node distance.
Public classOutputRestriction
Implementations of this class can be set via a setOutputRestriction(OutputRestriction) method, e.g.
Public classRemoveOverlapsLayoutStage
This LayoutStage removes node overlaps and guarantees a certain minimal node distance.
Public classShuffleLayouter
This layout stage removes node overlaps in a layout graph by using a method which is based on a famous russian arcade game.
Public classSmartOrganicLayouter
This class can be used as a convenience class to gain access to a variety of organic layout algorithms.
Public classSplitEdgeLayoutStage
This layout stage replaces edges by a path of nodes before it calls a core layouter.


Public interfaceInteractiveOrganicLayouter..::..ISingleThreadContext
Context object that provides controls of layout calculation in case the layouter runs single-threaded.


Public enumerationGroupsPolicy
Node group policy specifier.
Public enumerationHorizontalOverlapCriterion
Horizontal overlap criteria enumeration constant.
Public enumerationInitialPlacement
Initial placement strategy.
Public enumerationScope
Public enumerationSphereOfAction
Sphere of action specifier.


Provides organic layout style algorithms that are based on the force-directed layout paradigm.

SmartOrganicLayouter , the main implementation for the organic layout style, supports both complete re-layout of a given diagram as well as incremental layout where only a subset of a diagram should be rearranged.
Also, SmartOrganicLayouter (SOL) supports layout of "flat" as well as grouped graphs, i.e., graphs where nodes are contained within other, so-called group nodes.

InteractiveOrganicLayouter provides support for interactive organic layout.

Note that OrganicLayouter is a legacy layout algorithm for the organic layout style. It is superseded by SOL, which adds features to prevent node (label) overlaps and to keep minimum distances between the nodes.

Related Documentation

See the description in the yFiles for Java Developer's Guide section on the organic layout style.
Interactive organic layout is described in the following section of the Developer's Guide: Interactive Organic Layout.