Core classes that provide Xaml support for GraphML.


Public classGraphMLValueSerializerContext
Special implementation of IValueSerializerContext that should be used in a GraphML context.
Public classInvalidXamlNamespaceDeclarationException
Exception that gets thrown if an XML namespace declaration does violate the XAML naming conventions.
Public classTextNodeDeserializer
This class handles the deserialization of pure text node content.
Public classXamlDeserializer
This class handles the deserialization of XAML content in GraphML.
Public classXamlReader
An implementation that can read (a subset of) XAML formatted XML content.
Public classXamlSerializer
ISerializer implementation that produces XAML conforming output from the target object's reflection data.


Public interfaceIInlineMarkupExtensionParser
Interface used by the XAML parser to parse inline extension markup.
Public interfaceIInlineMarkupWriter
Utility class that can write the inline (attribute) representation of a MarkupExtension.
Public interfaceIXamlNamespaceMapper
Utility class that facilitates writing of markup extensions as attributes.
Public interfaceIXamlTypeMapper
Utility class for determining type information from XML elements.
Public interfaceIXmlPrefixMapper
Interface for mapping prefixes to namespaces and vice versa.


Public enumerationGraphMLSerializationMode
Enumeration that controls whether a property is actually written (either as attribute or as XML element).
Public enumerationGraphMLSharingMode
Enumeration that controls whether resources should be shared or not.
Public enumerationXamlAttributeWriteMode
Enumeration that controls whether properties should be written as elements or attributes.