Core classes that provide the lowlevel GraphML writing support.


Public classAbstractMapperOutputHandler<(Of <(<'TKey, TData>)>)>
An abstract implementation of the AbstractOutputHandler<(Of <(<'TKey, TData>)>)> class that uses an IMapper<(Of <(<'K, V>)>)> to retrieve the values to output for each item.
Public classAbstractOutputHandler<(Of <(<'TKey, TData>)>)>
Convenience abstract base implementation of the IOutputHandler interface.
Public classAbstractSerializer
Abstract base class for implementations of the ISerializer interface.
Public classAbstractXmlWriter
Abstract base implementation of IXmlWriter that provides common methods for namespace and schema setup
Public classChildWriteContext
An IWriteContext implementation for use in the context of GraphMLWriter that wraps a given instance and delegates most of the calls to it but allows for modifying lookup and serialization properties.
Public classComplexMapperOutputHandler<(Of <(<'TKey, TValue>)>)>
An implementation of the AbstractOutputHandler<(Of <(<'TKey, TData>)>)> class, that can use a Serializer callback for the serialization or delegate to the Serialize<(Of <<'(T>)>>)(IWriteContext, T) callback.
Public classDirectXmlWriter
Implementation of IXmlWriter that writes directly to an output stream.
Public classGraphMLAttribute
Custom attribute to control specific aspects of GraphML deserialization.
Public classGraphMLSerializerAttribute
Custom attributes that allows to specify ISerializer implementations for own data types.
Public classGraphMLWriter
Core writer class for GraphML.
Public classGraphMLWriter..::..ReferencesOutputHandler
IOutputHandler implementation that is responsible for writing shared resources to GraphML.
Public classGraphMLWriteValueSerializerContext
Special implementation of GraphMLValueSerializerContext that should be used in a GraphML write context.
Public classHandleSerializationEventArgs
The event arguments used by HandleSerialization and HandleSerialization to let registered serialization code perform the serialization of items.
Public classNullXmlWriter
Implementation of IXmlWriter that does nothing.
Public classProperty
Wraps a property together with default values and meta data.
Public classQueryOutputHandlersEventArgs
Event argument implementation that is used by the QueryOutputHandlers event.
Public classSerializationNotSupportedException
Exception that will be thrown by the Serialize<(Of <<'(T>)>>)(IWriteContext, T) method and the like to indicate that the deserialization failed.
Public classSerializationProperties
Constant class for common serialization properties.
Public classSingletonSerializationAttribute
GraphML support attribute that can be used to make it possible to identify instances of the attributed types as static fields or properties.
Public classWriteContextExtensions
Extension methods for IWriteContext.
Public classWriteEventArgs
This is the event argument that is used by the IWriteEvents interface that can be queried from the WriteEvents property.
Public classXmlWriterExtensions
Defines extension methods for interface IXmlWriter


Public structureGraphMLXmlAttribute
A struct for use in the IOutputHandler interface that encapsulates an XML attribute.


Public interfaceIGraphElementIdProvider
Interface for classes that provide custom id's for core GraphML elements
Public interfaceIOutputHandler
The interface used by the GraphMLIOHandler for writing data to the GraphML.
Public interfaceISerializer
Common interface for all classes that can serialize an object
Public interfaceITypeConverterProvider
Interface for classes that can provide custom TypeConverter implementations for GraphML serialization.
Public interfaceIValueSerializerProvider
Interface for classes that can provide custom ValueSerializer implementations for GraphML serialization.
Public interfaceIWriteContext
Interface that provides the context of a GraphML write process.
Public interfaceIWriteEvents
The interface of the event trigger class that is used by the WriteEvents property.
Public interfaceIXmlNamespaceManager
Helper class to facilitate namespace handling together with IXmlWriter instances.
Public interfaceIXmlWriter
Abstraction of XML output classes that provide a consistent way to write XML elements to some output


Public enumerationWritePrecedence
Enumeration values to control the order in which IOutputHandler instances are used.