Core classes that provide the lowlevel GraphML parsing support.


Public classAbstractInputHandler<(Of <(<'TKey, TData>)>)>
An abstract convenience implementation of the IInputHandler interface.
Public classAbstractMapperInputHandler<(Of <(<'TKey, TData>)>)>
An abstract IMapper<(Of <(<'K, V>)>)>-based implementation of an IInputHandler.
Public classChildParseContext
An implementation of IParseContext that delegates most calls to a ParentContext, but adds the capability to locally add Lookup(Type) results and deserialization properties
Public classComplexMapperInputHandler<(Of <(<'TKey, TValue>)>)>
An IInputHandler implementation that uses an IMapper<(Of <(<'K, V>)>)> instance to associate the values with the keys.
Public classCreationProperties
Simple tagging subclass of DictionaryMapper<(Of <(<'K, V>)>)> that is typed for Object keys and values.
Public classCreationPropertyKeys
Defines common key constants to identify important CreationProperties.
Public classDeserializationNotSupportedException
Exception that will be thrown by the Deserialize<(Of <<'(T>)>>)(IParseContext, XObject) method and the like to indicate that the deserialization failed.
Public classGraphElementFactory
The basic implementation of the IGraphElementFactory interface for use with the default IGraphs.
Public classGraphElementIdAcceptor
Simple implementation of IGraphElementIdAcceptor and IGraphElementIdProvider that stores all ids in IMapper<(Of <(<'K, V>)>)> instances.
Public classGraphMLParser
Core parser class for GraphML.
Public classGraphMLParseValueSerializerContext
Special implementation of GraphMLValueSerializerContext that should be used in a GraphML parse context.
Public classHandleDeserializationEventArgs
The event arguments used by HandleDeserialization and HandleDeserialization to let registered deserialization code perform the deserialization.
Public classParseContextExtensions
Extension methods for IParseContext.
Public classParseEventArgs
This is the event argument that is used by the IParseEvents interface that can be queried from the ParseEvents property.
Public classQueryInputHandlersEventArgs
Specialized EventArgs that are used for dynamic IInputHandler registration.


Public interfaceIDeserializer
The interface variant of the HandleDeserializationEventArgs callback.
Public interfaceIGraphElementFactory
This is the interface for a factory that is used for creating the constituents of an IGraph that are encountered during the parsing of GraphML
Public interfaceIGraphElementIdAcceptor
Interface for classes that can store the GraphML id attribute of GraphML core elements
Public interfaceIGraphElementResolver
Interface for classes can resolve graph elements based on their GraphML id attribute(s).
Public interfaceIInputHandler
This class defines a handler for key/data elements.
Public interfaceIParseContext
Interface that defines the context of a GraphML parsing context.
Public interfaceIParseEvents
The interface of the event trigger class that is used by the ParseEvents property.


Public enumerationParsePrecedence
This enumeration defines the valid priorities for IInputHandler processing.