Support classes that provide functionality already present in other .NET platforms.


Public classApplicationCommands
Holds a number of default application related RoutedUICommands.
Public classBrushes
A convenience class that creates SolidColorBrushes for the default colors.
Public classBrushValueSerializer
Helper class for XAML usage.
Public classCanExecuteRoutedEventArgs
Event argument used by the CanExecuteRoutedEventHandler delegate.
Public classColors
A convenience class that recreates the wellknown Colors present in WPF and Forms.
Public classColorValueSerializer
Helper class for XAML usage.
Public classCommandBinding
Describes a binding between a RoutedCommand and both an ExecutedRoutedEventHandler and a CanExecuteRoutedEventHandler.
Public classCommandBindingCollection
A collection of CommandBindings for use with the InternalSetCommandBindings(UIElement, CommandBindingCollection) method.
Public classCommandManager
A static helper class that provides access to the attached properties of type RoutedCommand for UIElements.
Public classCommandTypeConverter
A type converter that can be used to convert RoutedCommands for XAML.
Public classComponentCommands
Holds a number of default component navigation and focus related RoutedUICommands.
Public classComponentResourceKey
A key for resources that are bound to a specific type.
Public classConvertibleConverter
Custom type converter for IConvertibles.
Public classDashStyle
A container for Dashes and an Offset.
Public classDashStyles
Holds a number of default DashStyle instances.
Public classDashStyleTypeConverter
Helper class for XAML usage.
Public classDashStyleValueSerializer
Helper class for XAML usage.
Public classDataObject
Simple default implementation of the IDataObject interface for use in DoDragDrop(IDataObject, DragDropEffects).
Public classDoubleCollectionValueSerializer
Helper class for XAML usage.
Public classDoubleCollectionValueSerializerBase
Helper class for XAML usage.
Public classDragDrop
Helper class that can be used to perform drag and drop operations within a Silverlight application.
Public classDragEventArgs
The event argument that will be used by DropTarget to notify handlers of the various events during a drag and drop operation.
Public classDragSource
Helper class for DragDrop that is used for the source of drag and drop operations.
Public classDropTarget
Helper class that plays the role of the target during a drag and drop operation that is initiated using DragDrop and DragSource.
Public classExecutedRoutedEventArgs
The event argument that is used by ExecutedRoutedEventHandler.
Public classGiveFeedbackEventArgs
The event argument used by GiveFeedback.
Public classInputBinding
Holds a binding between an InputGesture and a RoutedCommand, as well as the CommandParameter and CommandTarget.
Public classInputBindingCollection
A collection of InputBindings for use with the CommandManager utility class.
Public classInputGesture
Helper class used by CommandManager that can recognize and match input events.
Public classInputGestureCollection
A collection of InputGestures for use with CommandManager.
Public classKeyBinding
A helper class for use in XAML that binds a KeyGesture to a RoutedCommand.
Public classKeyGesture
An InputGesture implementation that reacts to KeyEventArgs
Public classMarkupExtensionReturnTypeAttribute
An attribute used to describe the return type of the instances return by a MarkupExtension's ProvideValue implementation.
Public classMatrixValueSerializer
Helper class for XAML usage.
Public classNavigationCommands
Holds a number of default zoom related RoutedUICommands.
Public classPen
A utility class that holds all properties of a pen.
Public classQueryContinueDragEventArgs
The event argument class that is used by DragDrop during drags to query the drag source whether the drag should be continued.
Public classResourceKey
The base class for ComponentResourceKey that exists for compatibility with WPF classes
Public classResourceKeyConverter
Helper class for XAML usage.
Public classRoutedCommand
An ICommand that can be routed through the visual tree.
Public classRoutedUICommand
Extends the RoutedCommand class and provides an additional Text attribute for display in a UI.
Public classSealableCollection<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
A collection for use with XAML that can be sealed.
Public classTouchEventArgs
Event argument modeled after the WPF TouchEventArgs for use with the TouchEventSource.
Public classTypeface
This class aggregates a FontFamily and a FontStyle, FontWeight, and FontStretch.
Public classUIElementExtensions
Helper class that contains extension methods for use with UIElements, FrameworkElements, and Controls.
Public classValueSerializer
Helper classes used during the XAML serialization of instances.
Public classValueSerializerAttribute
Can be used to associate a specific ValueSerializer type declratively to a target.


Public interfaceIValueSerializerContext
Support interface used by ValueSerializer.


Public delegateCanExecuteRoutedEventHandler
The event handler delegate that is used by CommandManager to query the executability of RoutedCommand instances.
Public delegateExecutedRoutedEventHandler
The event handler delegate that is used by CommandManager to execute RoutedCommand instances.


Public enumerationDragAction
Holds the possible drag actions.
Public enumerationDragDropEffects
Enumeration for use with the DragDrop classes that specifies the allowed actions.
Public enumerationDragDropKeyStates
The enumeration of the various keys that are relevant to drag and drop operations.