Determines whether the specified item is a dummy in this view.

Namespace: yWorks.yFiles.UI.Model
Assembly: yWorks.yFilesSilverlight.Viewer (in yWorks.yFilesSilverlight.Viewer.dll) Version:


bool IsDummy( IModelItem item )
Visual Basic
Function IsDummy ( _ item As IModelItem _ ) As Boolean


Type: yWorks.Canvas.Model..::..IModelItem
One of the items that are contained in the Graph.

Return Value

Whether the item is a dummy that is not an exact copy of an item in the MasterGraph.


This method can be used to determine if an INode, IEdge, IPort, ILabel, or IBend has a view local state and is not a direct copy of the master item, if any. Note that collapsed group nodes are dummy items, even though they do have a master item in the master graph and dummy edges always have at least one master edge, while all other dummy items don't have a corresponding master item in the master graph.

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