The ISimpleLabelStyle type exposes the following members.


Public methodClone
Creates a shallow clone of this instance or may return itself in case this instance is immutable.
(Inherited from ICloneable.)
Public methodInstall
This the main method of the interface that performs the installation of an item's visual representation in the canvas by adding ICanvasObjects.
(Inherited from IModelItemInstaller<(Of <(<'T>)>)>.)


Public propertyAutoFlip
Gets a value indicating whether the label should be flipped 180 degrees automatically, if it would be oriented downwards, otherwise.
Public propertyBackgroundBrush
Gets the brush to use for the background box of the label.
Public propertyBackgroundPen
Gets the pen to use for the background box of the label.
Public propertyClipText
Gets a value that determines whether text should be clipped.
Public propertyRenderer
Gets the renderer implementation that can be queried for implementations that provide details about the visual appearance and visual behavior for a given label and this style instance.
(Inherited from ILabelStyle.)
Public propertyTextBrush
Gets the brush to use for the label's text.
Public propertyTypeface
Gets the typeface to use for the label.
Public propertyTypefaceFormat
Gets the TypefaceFormat to use for rendering the label.
Public propertyVerticalTextAlignment
Gets the vertical text alignment to use if the label is assigned more space than needed.

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