The SplitEdgeLayoutStage type exposes the following members.


Public methodSplitEdgeLayoutStage
Creates a new instance of SplitEdgeLayouter


Public methodCanLayout
Returns trueTruetruetrue (True in Visual Basic)
Public methodDoLayout
Assigns a new graph layout to the given layout graph
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Extension Methods

Public Extension MethodDoLayout
Convenience method that runs a layouter on a graph.
(Defined by LayoutExtensions.)


Public propertyCoreLayouter
The core layouter.
Public propertyProxyNodeSize
The size used as width/height for proxy nodes, i.e.
Public propertySplitEdgesDpKey
The DataProvider key that determines which edges are to be split.
Public propertySplitNodesDpKey
The DataProvider key to mark the nodes, that were created by splitting edges, for the core layouter.
Public propertySplitSegmentLength
The split segment length.

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