The ClassicLayerSequencer type exposes the following members.


Public methodClassicLayerSequencer
Instantiates a new layer sequencer.


Public methodAdoptValues
Tries to adopt/copy the settings of the given LayerSequencer to this sequencer.
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Public methodGetLayers
Calculates the sequence of nodes within each layer.
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Public fieldStatic memberGroupDpKey
This is the key, which must be used to register the DataProvider which contains the mappings between nodes and group ids.


Public propertyMaximalDuration
The proposed maximal duration for the calculation of the sequence.
Public propertyRandomizationRounds
The number of randomized rounds this algorithm will try if there was no optimal solution.
Public propertyRecentCrossingNumber
The number of edge crossings that were produced by this sequencer the last time it was applied to a graph.
Public propertyRemoveFalseCrossings
Specifies whether or not to remove false crossings.
Public propertyUseTransposition
Specifies whether or not the transposition heuristic should be used.
Public propertyUsingGroups
Specifies whether or not the layerer will preserve the groupings of nodes between each layer.
Public propertyWeightHeuristic
The currently set weight heuristic.

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