Graph-related Problems

The most common tasks to be performed with graphs boil down to a handful of things:

Visualization is the task of actually generating a visual representation of an existing graph. Note that this does not necessarily mean the creation of a static picture, but more generally describes forms of representation that could also allow for interaction. The items (manual) creation and editing both mean interacting with a graph, i.e., creating nodes and connecting them with edges. Or adding further elements to an existing graph, or removing elements from an existing graph. Automatic entity arrangement is the creation of high-quality, easy-to-understand drawings of a graph to help in communicating information more quickly. Structural analysis means solving advanced questions that relate to a graph structure, for instance, determining a shortest path between two nodes.

The yFiles for Silverlight graph visualization library supports your application with state-of-the-art automatic graph layout, highly efficient implementations of advanced graph analysis algorithms, and excellent graph visualization and interaction capabilities. yFiles for Silverlight is something like a Swiss Army knife that: