yFiles for Silverlight 2.4 README

yFiles for Silverlight is an extensive Silverlight class library for the Microsoft Silverlight environment. It provides diagram visualization controls, data structures and algorithms for graph analysis, and advanced functionality to automatically calculate layouts for graphs, diagrams, and networks.


The following documentation for yFiles for Silverlight 2.4 is available:

Programming Samples and Tutorials

yFiles for Silverlight comes with a dedicated installer executable that installs a large number of programming samples and additional tutorials. These Visual Studio projects include full source code that presents the functionality of the yFiles for Silverlight diagramming library.
The dedicated installer executable enables convenient installation on a per-user basis.

Getting Started

The yFiles for Silverlight documentation and the programming samples and tutorials are the primary source of information.

The Developer's Guide introduces the concepts and presents the library's range of features together with any types involved. It has many links into the API documentation (Class Reference) so that you can quickly find all relevant information about classes, interfaces, methods, properties, etc. Also, it provides pointers to relevant source code examples from the programming samples that show discussed features.

The Developer's Guide is your indispensable companion when working with the yFiles for Silverlight diagramming library.

The yFiles for Silverlight tutorial is a step-by-step introduction to the concepts and the features of the yFiles for Silverlight diagramming library. It is intended for developers that want to get started with the library in an effective way.
The tutorial shows you both basic concepts and also how to build a diagramming application that supports custom styles, full user interaction, Undo/Redo, clipboard, I/O, grouping and folding.

If you are new to the yFiles for Silverlight diagramming library, it is recommended to start by going through the tutorial.

The Custom Styles tutorial is a step-by-step introduction to customizing the visual representation of graph elements.

Contacting yWorks

yFiles for Silverlight is a product of yWorks GmbH.

yWorks welcomes your comments and suggestions. You can contact us anytime by email: contact@yworks.com

Developers that are eligible to receive support may direct their questions by email to yfilessilverlight@yworks.com.
Please visit our Knowledge Base (http://kb.yworks.com) and see if your question has already been answered.

To learn more about our company and our other products, please visit our website: http://www.yworks.com

Notice Regarding Trademarks

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3rd Party Licenses

The demos use the Microsoft Silverlight Toolkit, which is covered by the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).